Pawstrading Luxury Sheepskin Flat Tugger Tug Tug Agility Dog Toy Handmade in UK EXTRA LONG

Brilliant Agility Chase Tug Toy - The Extra Long one.

Total length approx 110cm - 120cm.

Ideal for training using a dead toy.

Manufactured exclusively for PawsTrading™ in England

Luxury Webbed handle with fleece on the inside of the handle for extra comfort
(Fleece and webbing color will vary please allow us to choose)
With either 100% Sheepskin on the end.

Please allow us to choose the webbing colour.

Please note these toys are NOT indestructible but will cope will some quite robust play tug tug play.

Please note this is NOT designed to be left with dogs alone but rather for interactive fun with your pet Happy Tugging.

Manufactured exclusively in England for PawsTrading™​​​​​​​, Tugs and Toys designed for fun and interactive play between you and your dog.

High quality materials love and a good dollop of laughter are used to make everyone of them.

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