JumppaPomppa - Fleece dækken

JumppaPomppa is a pull-on dog sweater, which is easy to put on and comfortable to use.

The backside is made of anti-pilling knitted plush, and the bottom part of water-repellent thermal tricot fabric. The back panel’s fleece warms your dog’s muscles from the neck to the thighs. The smooth lower panel protects the upper chest and abdomen. The stretchy gusset in front of collar provides freedom of movement for the head.

Reflectors along the side seams guarantee that your dog will also be seen in the dark. Jumppa is anti-static, and it can be used under a Pomppa coat or by itself.

It is suitable for warming your dog’s muscles after a swim. Moisture-wicking materials help your dog’s fur dry quicker.

The sweater is machine washable in gentle program 30 degrees. Do not spin. Do not iron.

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