FitDog Recovery

Do you and your dog have an active lifestyle? Does your dog get a lot of exercise? FitDog Recovery products have been developed to meet the special needs of active dogs. As a result of an intense exercise, the dog is low on energy, the body is fatigued and the fluid balance is disturbed. Recovery starts right after the exercise and that is when the energy level and fluid balance must be restored. Dog’s recovery can be supported significantly with fast absorbing carbohydrates given after exercise. FitDog Recovery Potato drink powder contains potato based maltodextrin which is a fast absorbing carbohydrate. FitDog recovery products help to restore the dog’s glycogen level quickly and makes the recovery more effective after exercise. The product contains magnesium and vitamin B, C and E which are needed especially after an intense workout. The product also contains milk powder and meat flavour which makes the product tasty.

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