FitDog energy + Rehydration

Is your dog not drinking enough? Do you worry about its fluid balance during exercise, hot days or in special situations such as labour and bitches nursing puppies, travelling or in the case of old dogs? Does your dog practice sports that require energy even if you are not able to feed it before the exercise? FitDog rehydration and energy products have been developed to meet these needs. FitDog Energy+Rehydrate drink powder is used for rehydration and to supplement the energy level of the dog before and during exercise as well as in special situation in which the dog needs extra rehydration. The product is suitable for sports and working dogs, bitches nursing puppies, old dogs and dogs recovering from surgery or illness and all dogs in warm weather. Product contains over 50 % vegetable fat which is easily digestible energy for a dog. The product also contains fast absorbing carbohydrates and protein. Mix the powder with water by shaking it in a bottle. Mixed drink is mushy and according to our taste tests the drink is very tasty even for picky dogs.

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